What is a session like?

A session begins with us talking. I would like to get to know you and assess your needs and hopes for the session. This is a great time to ask questions.

*MLD is sometimes described as a gentle “skin stretching.” It is so gentle that it is only experienced skin-deep. I cannot stress enough how gentle it is. Some people see the word “drainage” and they think of an intense and painful process. This cannot be further from reality! In fact, the more pressure is placed on the Lymphatic vessels, the more likely they are to close instead of allowing lymph to move along them. So this is a treatment where the more gentle the touch, the better the results.

I will ask you to undress. MLD works well when there are no restrictions on the delicate Lymphatic vessels. For this reason it is preferable that you remove your underwear as well. I will step out of the room to give you time to undress and lay face up on the table. I welcome you to close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax into the table. I will begin by placing my hands on your shoulders and head to ease your body into a trusting state and help you feel comfortable with my touch. I will then access the Lymphatic vessels at the central area right above the collar bone. Strokes are small, rhythmic, and repetitive.

MLD can be administered to the entire body or on a specific area of the body that may be injured or restricted.

If working on a specific body part or area, I will gently stimulate the lymph node that is associated with that body part and guide the lymph from the nodes back to the furthermost part of the body.

If administering to the entire body, I will begin by gently stimulating the cervical nodes at the sides of the neck, and will gently make my way up to the top of the head. Then I will gently stimulate the axillary nodes in the armpits and work my way down each arm. Following that, I will place a towel over the breast area and undrape the torso. I will gently guide the lymph along the sides and center of the trunk of the body. I will also perform specific and intentional light-touch motions in the abdominal area. The Lymphatic System works closely with the Digestive System and stimulating this area will help optimize the health of both systems. I will then stimulate the axillary lymph nodes, which are located in the front hip area, in between the front hip bone and groin. Lastly I will gently work my way down each leg. MLD will be administered face up unless the client has specific pain in the back. The majority of the Lymphatic System can be accessed from the front of the body and causes a stimulation of the rest of the system.

After the session is a great time to give me your feedback or talk about any insights or sensations you may have felt during the treatment.

What might I feel during a session?

During a session, you may:

  • Experience a sense of deep relaxation or meditative-like space

  • Fall asleep

  • Experience a space of “in between” asleep and awake

  • Sense fluid-like movements inside your body

  • Experience a tingling sensation

  • Experience a sense of heaviness or weightlessness

  • Experience a sense of pressure changes in the body

  • Feel movement or noises in your stomach

  • Experience a sense of warmth or cold

  • Experience an emotional release

  • Experience other sensations or energies in various parts of the body

Every body is different and you will experience sensations that are unique to you. There are no expectations for what you “should” feel, so don’t worry about feeling the “right things” and simply enjoy the moment.

What might I feel after a session?

After a session, you may:

  • Feel relaxed

  • Feel energized

  • Feel a sense of lightness or weightlessness in your body

  • Feel emotional

  • Feel clear-headed

  • Notice a positive shift in mentality or headspace

  • Notice an improvement in sleep

  • May have trouble sleeping (there is a chance of this happening though it is rare)

  • May urinate more than usual and may notice a change in the color of urine

Because you have just experienced a treatment that flushed toxins out of your body, it is recommended that you drink extra water on the day of treatment and try to avoid any substances that may put extra strain on your liver and kidneys.

This is a treatment that is administered to a subtle body system; therefore, everyone notices the results differently. We all have a different level of body awareness and some of us are able to pick up on the effects more easily than others. I encourage you to pay attention to your body after the treatment to see if you notice any changes throughout the rest of the day, as well as monitoring your sleep for a few nights after treatment.

Your body continues to process changes after the session which may help you continue to experience benefits for a period of time, sometimes up to a few days, after the treatment. Even though you may not necessarily feel a big change in your body, know that your body experienced an intense and unexpected change and that a lot is happening inside of you. Be gentle with yourself. Drinking extra water and getting enough sleep are great ways to continue to support your body after a treatment.